The pastry, oh the pastry, resident pastry chef/breadsmith extroidinaire Anne Kostroski stocks our case fresh everyday with seasonal delights.  We take special orders in advance from morning pastry to classy cakes just give us a call to find out what sweet treats may await you.

Like Chicago weather, our menu changes frequently. Here's a good example of the kinds of eats you'll find in our fine establishment, but don't hold us to it. And remember, everything is made in-house and prepared from scratch in our kitchen.

•Breakfast All Day Erryday

•Brekkie Focaccia -  add Brisket
pillowy personal cheese ragu diablo pizza, greens, egg on it.
Maple Sausage Breakfast Sammich -  2 eggs, Feta Spread on our crumpet.
Veggie Breakfast Sammich - 2 Eggs, spinach, pimiento spread.

The Lox -
house cured and smoked salmon, horsey cream cheese, capers, seasonal pickle, on toasty goodness.
That Toast Though - 
we call it bread,Labneh/House preserves, salt.
Munchy Granola Bowl -
  our very own granola/preserves, Yogurt
Trout Master -
smoked trout,horsey cream cheese, krautchi, caper, on toasty bread.
Ukrainian Tartine - 
roast beets, seasonal pickle, smoked carrot,ajvaar (fermented eggplant red pepper spread),


Grilled Cheese -  pimiento spread, melty chiahuahua cheese, ajvaar (fermented eggplant red pepper spread) Smoked Turkey Hoagie - Guajillo Rubbed Turkey, bacon, smoked carrot, feta spread on baguette
Da Reuben - our grassfed pastrami, krautchi, queso, russian dressing, on griddled bread, you know we do. Cubano - say hello to our house cured ham, melty cheese, sour pickle, and poblano mustard nuzzled in a bauguette
|Big Brassi Salad - add Protien $11.99not quite slaw, not quite sauerkraut it’s served with crunchy things on top, and dressed to order.


•Daily Specials, Change Daily'ish•
•Soup, Oh The Soup. Changes Early and Often•
•Our Pastries Are The Bomb, No Seriously They are Really, Really Good•

Think big with us! For wholesale pastry, sauce, and catering info, contact  or give us a call 773.942.6384