Like Chicago weather, our menu changes frequently. Here's a good example of the kinds of eats you'll find in our fine establishment, but don't hold us to it. And remember, everything is made in-house and prepared from scratch in our kitchen.

•Breakfast All Day Erryday•
Maple Sausage Breakfast Sammich: Maple Sausage, Scrambled Farm Egg, Crumpet, Feta Spread.
Veggie Breakfast Sammich:
Scrambled Farm Egg, Crumpet, Pimiento Spread.
Granola Bowl: Our very own granola/preserves, Traders Point Creamery Yogurt
Sweet Toast: Fresh Ricotta, Black Salt Seasonal Preserves, on our Crumb Bread.
Savory Toast: Peanut butter, paté, kimchi.

Troutmaster Tartine: Smoked Trout, horseradish cream cheese, capers, seasonal pickle, greens.
Waffle PB&J: Peanut Butter, Seasonal Preserves, on a waffle with potato chips.

Sunny Side Focaccia
with a salad and egg

Shared Plates (or not)
Mezze Platter 
veggie snacks •chevre, smoked gouda, pimiento spread cheese curds, pickles, macha racha,
honey, dark chocolate, crackers.
Charcuterie meat snacks •paté, ham, summer sausage, soprasetta, pickles,
preserves, poblano mustard, crackers.

MEAT & 3’s
with salad, sour pickle , and bread 
choose 1: The meats: •smoked brisket, ham, turkey
choose 3: The sides: potato salad Smoked carrot slaw chow chow pickle melange baked beans
bag of chips, or 2 way chilli ($2.99 extra).

Smoked Turkey Hoagie: Guajillo Rubbed Turkey, bacon, seasonal pickle, feta spread on baguette
Eggplant Sandwich: Marinated Eggplant, Fresh Ricotta, Smoked Carrot Slaw, Macha Racha
Grilled Cheese: pimiento spread, harvarti, macha racha, on Our Crumb bread.
Bahn Mi: paté, ham, smoked carrot sla,w chi-racha mayo, jalapeno, cilantro.
Cuban: ham, pickle, melty cheese, poblano mustard
Reuben  smoked brisket, kimchi, melty cheese 1000 island dressing

Stockyard Chili
2 way
  Just a bowl(meat and beans)
5way $8.99 bowl on a waffle, pimiento spread, chow chow green onion, add an egg $1.99

•Daily Specials, Change Daily'ish•
•Soup, Oh The Soup. Changes Early and Often•
•Our Pastries Are The Bomb, No Seriously They are Really, Really Good•

Think big with us! For wholesale pastry, sauce, and catering info, contact  or give us a call 773.942.6384